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Realtime visualisation of your current crypto-AUD position (WIP web-app, comments welcome!)

Hey folks,
I created this small web-app initially for myself to avoid doing all the calculations in my head every-time one of my coins dipped/rose. Sent it to a few mates and they also started using it, so tidied it up a little and thought of sharing it with fellow BitcoinAussies!
What? A web-app to show in real-time the value of your current crypto portfolio. It's work-in-progress and I'm working off a simple ToDo list found in the README. Comments on improving it are welcome!
Why? Apps like Blockfolio/Delta are awesome and I still use them but they use the current price of a coin to determine your portfolio value. I've found this to be sometimes inaccurate if you were to actually liquidate all your coins.
Instead, I thought a better approach was to use the actual rates from BTCMarkets for BTC/ETH -> AUD and then the actual rates for alt-coins -> BTC/ETH from Binance/BitGrail and convert back till we reached AUD. App uses the more profitable route (BTC vs ETH).
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